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Our Auditoriums are Great for:

Movies and Food and Beverage options are also available to go along with your rental. 

Many of our guests have questions about renting out our auditoriums for events, especially during COVID 19, when families might feel more comfortable controlling and knowing who is the auditorium with them.   The following is a FAQ about how auditorium rentals and private screenings work.




An Auditorium Rental:

All of our auditoriums are available for rent to use for meetings, events, and other gatherings.   When you rent the auditorium, it is typically for a 2hr block of time (with 15 min allotted in front and back of your start time.   Rentals include the use of the screen and projection capabilities if you have a digital presentation, home movie or private DVD you would like to show to your invited guests. 


A Private Screening:

This is whenever we turn on a licensed movie for you and your guests to enjoy.   A licensed film can be a first-run film that is booked to play once released or a repertory title (older film) that we can request specifically for your event (though not all films are available for theatrical exhibition.       


Your Event

We understand that every event has a unique set of circumstances, which is why we are happy to work with you to make your event special and achieve the results you are looking for.  It’s good to understand that any event can include both an Auditorium Rental and Private Screening component.



You have a lot of options available to you when it comes to film selection but most renters are looking for specific titles that fit their event. 


First Run Films

New movies (First Run) are available to show to the public based on the public release date (typically a Friday).  For some new movies, groups may be able to book private events on the Wednesday or Thursday before the release date, so if this interests you, please ask about the early screening availability.


Repertory Films

Renters who want to show an older film (Repertory Titles) can provide us a list of the movie titles they are interested in, and we can check to see if it might be available to license it and bring it in for your event.  Doing this can add a small amount to the cost of the rental, but sometimes it is worth it for the event you are tiring to hold.    One quick note, because it comes up often, is that Disney does not typically allow any of their catalog films to play outside of their scheduled release.




Once you settle on a film you just need to pick a date & time. 

Usually, weekends will be a little more restrictive and pricier than weekdays. 

So basically, pick a day and tell us the time you would like, during our normal operating hours, and we can most likely accommodate it. 



Price for Auditorium Rentals are based on the day, time, and a number of guests but generally you can expect the cost to rent out a room for a weekday evening show to be in the range below.    

UP TO 20 Guests   = starting at $375 for a weekday -  weekends +$50 to $100

UP TO 30 GUESTS = starting at $475 for a weekday -  weekends +$50 to $100 $475 


If we were to book and licenses an older film specifically for your event, you would be looking at an additional charge between $125-$175 depending on the studio.

All applicable taxes are included in this price.

Price would include Admission and a regular-size popcorn and drink for each guest.


Payment Terms

Payment is due 7 days before the rental event, and because we are canceling public shows and scheduling staff, the rental is non-refundable once paid. 


Credit Card payments will require an additional $10 processing fee


Group Size

We can accommodate most any size group only limited by our Auditorium sizes which differ at each location. 


Can I Charge Admission?   

If you are hosting an event that is for an auditorium rental that does not include showing a licensed movie or consists of a movie, you have the rights to exhibit, then yes, you can charge admission.


If you are hosting a Private Screening that includes a licensed movie, then you may not charge an admission to your event.   However, you may collect funds from individuals equal to their share of the admission price that you paid (In other words, they can pay you back for their ticket)  


Food and Beverage

Typically, our concession stand will be open to sell our wide selection of refreshments to attendees.  If you would like to host your guests, we can provide vouchers for pre-paid packages or run a tab.  

Limited Time Included Packages

Currently, we are including one individual size “Regular Size” Popcorn and “Regular Size” Drink for each guest.   We are happy to work with you to add on additional items that moviegoers love such as candy, Icee's or nachos.  Group rentals do get the benefit of discounted pricing for assembling F&B packages for your event. 


You can also increase the size of the Regular Popcorn and Regular Drink to our Large size for $2 per person.


Catering Services

Our Cinema Café provides catering services for sandwiches, pizza, and other items if you are looking to offer your guests something more substantial than just snacks.  


We do allow outside, third party, food catering for some events, but we do have an additional per head charge for this service.



For events that include guests 21 years and older, Hosted and No Hosted Bar services (serving beer and wine) are also available for your event.  We are not able to allow third parties to provide bar services on-premises or guests to bring in their own alcohol.  



Our auditoriums have always been cleaned after each performance but now during COVID we have implemented new procedures that include wiping down touch surfaces, using a fogger to disinfect other surfaces that may be missed by cleaning and providing extra time between screenings.  This would occur prior to your rental and again right after your rental. 



If you are ready to start planning and book your event, then please reach out to the General Manager at the Theater location you are interested in or to our Group Sales at our corporate office.  (Contacts Information listed at the bottom)


We start the process by collecting your billing & contact information along with a discussion to understand the event you are looking to host and plan.


Once you have provided us all the essential information on your events such as the Film, Date, Time, and food options you would like, then we prepare a draft rental agreement for you to review.


Once you have reviewed the agreement and it is correct and includes everything you need for your event, then you simply sign it and return it.   This places your event onto our event calendar and holds the date and time so no one else can book the same slot.  Events can be booked and held up to 90 days in advance.  Once we approach less than 14 days for the event the deposit amount (typically the full amount of the rental is due in order to “lock-in” your event)


In order to accommodate your event, we typically have to remove public screenings from our schedule.  As such, once your event is less than 10 days way your deposit becomes non-refundable even if you cancel the event.       


Please note that failure to confirm and pay by this date could cause your event to fall off our calendar and allow someone else to book your time slot.


Also, please note that studios can change the release date of a film and that they can also sometimes limit the availability of films that they allow to play at theaters.  We can make no guarantees that a specific movie will be available or allowed to play on the date of your event.  In a situation where a film is removed from our schedule, we can work with you to provide an alternative film or refund you your deposit if the event is canceled at the last moment due to unforeseen studio restrictions.  


A few days prior to your event a call between you and the theater location should take place to go over any last-minute details for your event.   


On the day of your event, the host should arrive and check-in about 30 to 45 minutes prior to their event.   


Here is a list of some of the upcoming NEW movies that you may want to consider as part of your event.  Please note that during this COVID pandemic release dates are changing more often than they typically would in normal circumstances. 



For more information, contact us here


Unfortunately, because of COVID work restrictions it may sometimes be harder than it should be to get ahold of us via phone but please leave a voice mail and also an email and someone should be back to you with in 24hrs


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